Friday November 6, 2015

1. The Keg in the Tub
The annual Halloween party that be! The keg in the tub in Williamsburg! Pretty much a bunch of art directors, copywriters, and designers get dressed up hang out, pump a keg without biceps and pour Bug Light all night and dance wildly to Whitney Houston. Then, at some point, the Jello shots come out. What we learned this year: donโ€™t mix Gin with Grape flavored Jello.

2. Texting
How about we donโ€™t...????

3. Day 10 at the Office
Itโ€™s that time of year! When we gotta work a lot and make shit! Get work done! Iโ€™ve been at the office every day since Monday, the Monday before this past Monday that is. Don't even wanna talk about the laundry sitch.

4. I'm going Crazy (related)
Iโ€™m really tired and I feel insane. Mywordsarerunningtogether. And Iโ€™m dropping things a lot. All the eye bag hider in the world canโ€™t help me.

5. Swing Drivers on Garbage Trucks
This is what FREEDOM looks like! Hello, weekend! Two guys having the best time ever on the back of a garbage truck bombing down Ninth Ave. Incredible. This moment is exactly what led to what Iโ€™d thought would be the best job ever in the third grade. Detailed in a morning theme on future jobs, (remember doing that shit in school? Learning how t
o write? Out the window!) I wanted to be a swing driver on a garbage truck because it just looked so so fun. Like what? Hanging off that thing all day? Closest thing to a roller coaster you can get in the woods! The only flaw Iโ€™d spotted with the job was the orange jumpsuits you had to wear. Aside from the smell of gar-bage obv.