Friday October 23, 2015

1. Diorshow Catwalk Blue Mascara AKA Orig #258/ MY JAM!
Not that you knew, but Dior changed the formula of the so beloved by me Catwalk blue #258 that be. Basically, I have been wearing it every day I’ve walked the planet since September 12 2010. That’s 5 years of my life, peeps. Blessed was I the day I pranced into Sephora to restock, to which I noticed the color was so not right. Much more muted than desired, barf. I need that ELECTRIC blue, people! ANYWAY. This was the week where a supply that I bought from a seller on Amazon arrived. That’s right. I sniped up their entire inventory. WHAT! That means I’m good to go for like, 2 years AND have 2 years to continue emailing Dior until they bring it back. *punch emoji*

2. A Date
Hello, I am an adult as I go on a date and act as if I’ve never had words come from my mouth before. You know when you are not yourself for like, 5 sec? That was me for about 25 min. Mmm, yes. DATES!!!! FUN!

3. Charcuterie (related)
This word is just so much fun to say. Chaaarrrrcuuuteriiiie. Charcuterie. Char-cu-ter-riiiie. When I see it, I love it. When I see. it I order it. When I get it, I eat it. When I see it I think of my dear friend Suzanne! First person I ever heard say the word. Hi Suz! <3

4. Chvrches New Album
I have been listening to this album on repeat for the entire week, actually I am pretty sure it’s been since the album has come out. ACTUALLY, that’s actually a lie, because all last week I was listening to the new Carly Rae Jepsen album, which is just so amazing to my ears. Loving that synth!

5. OK. My new shoes. THEY'RE GLITTER.
Very necessary to write about the actual crescendo of my week that was, in fact, TODAY, FRIDAY. Today was seriously actually the highest high point ever– fresh sparkly, silver, glittery pair of ankle booties. All I can say, is that acquiring this pair of shoes gave me that feeling you get when you put on something new that has you feeling EVEN MORE yourself simply by wearing it. Like, I feel 3 feet (actually, technically, 2 feet #dadjokes #badjokes) closer to knowing myself after putting these hotties on. I had a fantastic time sporting them, and there was no shortage of people spouting their comments at me. Ah the general public. No, I did not hate it, just check out this material:

“Aaw yeah, happy Friday party girl!”

“Are those baked potatoes or are those your feet?”

“What’s going on there, silver boots?”

“Lil twinkle toes!”

“Look at those mother fuckin moon boots.”

“Are those your feet or your grandmother’s tv antenna?”