Friday October 30, 2015

1. VO's @ Work
Doing scratch voice overs at work are way too fun. Like, so too much fun. What an amazing little way to start the week. Pretending to be someone else in an intensely soundproof booth. Yessss. I have too much fun just talking. Can I just get paid to talk? Yes, please! “Cherry lip gloss!” “Eyelashes!” “Seriously? We gotta go!”

2. Properly Setting Up My Sewing Machine
Whoa. So, I learned something pretty incredible. I can work a sewing machine now. I’ve had this sitting under my desk for exactly a year now, and just took it out tonight to make a skirt for Halloweenie! Me the entire year owning the sewing machine: “I know how to use this thing. It’s fine.” Me when I finally took it out of its bag to use it: “The fuck am I doing?” So, I pulled out the manual and figured it out. Threading the bobbin was the biggest pain in the ass. So I sat and fucked that up a few times, then called my mom for troubleshooting, then nailed it while talking with Dad about how Mom was in bed already. Learning by doing! Love it. So. Prrrouuuuud!

3. The Bobbin (related)
This thing is such a bitch. Like, I am sewing along just fine, and then all the thread gets all tangly in itself and I’m sitting there, with 18 feet of white jersey draped over my shoulder looped around my neck like one SERIOUS scarf, cursing and singing at the same time. I’m just trying to craft this fine jersey into one long white boa constrictor for Halloweenie because, as you do not know, I am being an ice cream cone. I rethreaded, or whatever it’s called, that bobbin like FOUR TIMES for the sake of being a life size edible. And, it was late. And, I was losing my patience. But, I did it because, Halloweenie.

4. Halloween Costume-ing (related to the second degree)
Yes, costume as a verb. I don’t think of myself as someone who takes Halloween so seriously, but I think I have actually been taking it quite seriously in the last few years. The thing is, I don’t want to have a crap Halloween costume, ever. So the pressure is so on myself, put there by myself, to have a very Instagram worthy costume. So, I’m working on paper mache-ing this little cherry to wear atop my head, because yes, I am an ice cream cone for Halloween. Vanilla. Soft serve. Rainbow sprinks!

5. Ordering Dinner to the Office: Mexican Edition
Working late: No, thanks. Dinner on company because I’m working late: Yes, please. This is the true high point of working late– hitting up Seamless. Tonight, I ordered Mexican. Choza Taqueria. What did I order? you did not ask. Well, I ordered a chicken bowl. Plus cheese. Plus sour cream. With a side of chippies and guac. And, a lovely, lovely, oh so lovely bebida that be: Horchata. Hay, Vampire Weekend!